Accessibility support

We want to ensure our application process is accessible for everyone. If you need a little extra support, we are here to help.

If you struggle to speak over the phone due to a hearing disability, we have some alternative ways of contact available for you. Our handy webchat facility can connect you to one of our agents who will be happy to assist you with your query. Alternatively, you can always send us an email or SMS.

In some cases, we do need to speak over the phone in order to progress an application. If that is the case with an application, we use the Relay UK Service to communicate with an applicant.

The Relay UK service is a free service that uses a live relay assistant to help you communicate over the phone. They also have a handy app that you can download on your phone.

In some cases, you might be able to authorise someone to speak on your behalf. However, before doing so, we need to obtain written permission and carry out certain checks. If this is something you are interested in and would like to find out more about, please contact us on 0330 165 5121.

If you need support with your application due to a visual impairment, we offer a third-party authorisation service that allows you to appoint someone to assist you with reading your contracts and to speak to us on your behalf, if needed.

Additionally, our friendly Customer Support Team is just a quick phone call away to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your loan application.

We understand that sometimes speaking on the phone can be challenging for those suffering from mental health issues. If you need to speak to us but are unable to call, we offer alternative way of contact. You can use our Webchat service or reach out by sending us an SMS or email.

In some cases, a phone call might be essential to progressing an application. If this is the case, we have an experienced customer support team on hand to help address any concerns you might have and help you in the best possible way.

Are you concerned about the rise in the cost of living? We've put together some tips and guidelines that you might find useful.

Our friendly customer support team is here to help you with whatever your needs might be. Give us a call or send us an email and we can arrange for one of our specialist support team members to get in touch with you.