Modern Slavery Statement 2024


2022 was the first year that Plata Finance Limited (“Plata”, “we”) published a statement under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the "Act"). The statement is reviewed annually to ensure it reflects our procedures and processes fully.


To date, we have had no reports of slavery or human trafficking within our organisation or that we have been made aware of such occurring within our supply chain or the third parties we are working with. We remain vigilant and are continuously looking at ways we can further improve our controls and protect all lives within our business eco-system.


Plata’s Modern Slavery Statement reflects our established practices and future intended action pursuant to section 54 of the Act. This statement is to let our customers, colleagues and any other third parties know what Plata is actively doing to prevent modern forms of slavery or human trafficking taking place within the business eco-system (of supply chains and industry partners) that we operate in.


Our UK Business

We are a UK only financial services business. We started lending to consumers in 2022. We have built our business around helping customers access sustainably affordable loans. Our loans are risk price adjusted to our customers’ credit profiles. We have over 100 colleagues, almost all based in the UK: in Southampton, London. Everyone is vetted, including right to work in the UK checks.


All of the salaries are at the level or above the one set by the UK’s Living Wage Foundation.


We do not undertake any business outside the UK, but we do contract and conduct business with non-UK suppliers and counterparties, which generally fall into one of the following categories: Technology Infrastructure, Professional Services or Software supply.  We recognise the complex nature of supply chains for goods and services and are vigilant when it comes to those relationships.


We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Our Statement

We are proud to serve our customers and seek to earn their trust and respect in everything we do and how we do it. This includes ensuring that where our business touches or affects other lives, in our daily dealings and through our supply chains and industry partners, we are confident that we do not directly or indirectly compromise human dignity or unwittingly support modern forms of slavery or human trafficking.


Given the nature and location of our UK lending and the business ecosystem we operate in, we do not consider that the activities we engage in are particularly prone to or are a target of modern forms of slavery and human trafficking and rate the risk as low. However, we are not complacent and are committed to taking our responsibilities seriously and fully supporting the Government’s objectives to eradicate these inhuman practices.


To that end:

  • we carry out careful risk-based due diligence on the parties we work with before any contract or other arrangements are entered into and thereafter monitor them on an ongoing basis. If any such due diligence identifies a potential risk of counterparty exposure to modern slavery or human trafficking, our Legal & Compliance team is immediately involved;
  • for:

i) counterparties in high-risk territories or industry sectors; and

ii) our major counterparties,

we seek specific confirmations of compliance with the Act. Plata will terminate arrangements with any counterparty who is not prepared to provide such confirmations;

  • we undertake colleague education to help our colleagues develop a good understanding of the modern forms of slavery and human trafficking risks and ensure awareness of the need for vigilance in our dealings with our counterparties and supply chains;
  • our colleagues are encouraged to raise any suspicions or concerns about any wrongdoings or breach of legal requirements by any of our counterparties they deal with, both generally and specifically in respect of the Act via our Whistleblowing procedure; and
  • our internal Quality Assurance team reviews calls and can provide feedback on any suspicions of forced labour during interactions with our customers



This statement is issued pursuant to section 54 of the Act and relates to the financial year 2023. This statement has been formally approved by the Board of Plata Finance Limited and signed on their behalf.


Chris Jones


May 2024