Supporting documents

Documents you might be asked for

When applying for a loan you need to provide certain documents to support the information you provided in your application. Having these documents on hand when applying for a loan can help speed up the process.  

The exact documents we might ask for are unique to each application. The list below is to give you an idea of what you might need.

Identity documents

  • Passport (and residency permit if applicable)
  • National ID card
  • Driving licence (photo ID only)
  • Residency permit 

Address documents

  • Bank statement
  • Utility bill/phone bill
  • Council tax letter
  • Store card bill
  • HMRC letter
  • Benefits/tax credit letter
  • Pension letter 

Income and finance documents

  • Bank statement (Branch/Posted or PDF)
  • Cheque/paying in book
  • Open Banking report through Credit Kudos
  • Tax return
  • Up to 3 months consecutive bank statements dated within the last 4 months
  • 2 payslips
  • Benefits/tax credit letter

Open banking

You might be asked to share your financial information using Open Banking, which is a quick and secure way for sharing your banking data. In some cases, this might be a mandatory step to complete your loan application. Refer to our web page on Open Banking for more details. 

As part of our commitment to being a responsible lender, we look at a wide range of criteria when making a decision to lend. And thus, in some circumstances, we may require some additional documentation.  

Online ID verification

We've made submitting documents easy and secure using our online tool, Jumio. It’s a quick two-step process.

The first step involves taking a photo of the required document using your computer or smartphone’s camera.  If you are using a desktop, you will be given the option to send yourself a link to continue the process on your mobile phone or you can choose to proceed on your desktop if it has a webcam.

You will be prompted to allow “” to access your device’s webcam. You will need to grant access to proceed.

In the second step, Jumio uses face recognition to verify your identity. You will be asked to centre your face in a frame so that Jumio can run a biometric analysis. This will take a few seconds and will close automatically when done. This step is to help prevent identity fraud.

When you’re taking out a loan with us, we must confirm your identity to ensure we’re giving out the loan to the right person. This helps prevent identity fraud. We do this using our online tool, Jumio.

Jumio helps us confirm your identity while keeping your details safe and secure.

To complete your ID verification online, you will need to have a webcam on the device you are using.

Yes, you will need to grant access to your device’s webcam to complete this stage. Your camera will automatically turn off once the process is complete.

Unfortunately, without a camera on your device, you will not be able to complete your online loan application.

Please refer to our Privacy Notice for more information on this.

When submitting your ID, please ensure it is clear, readable, and fulfils all the criteria mentioned during the process.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Hold documents steady when taking the photo so they are not blurry.
  • Make sure all required details are clearly shown. e.g., name, date of birth, expiry date, issue date, ID number, address, etc.
  • The image must show the whole document.
  • Take pictures in a well-lit room.
  • Avoid reflections and glare.
  • Screenshots and photos of screens are not accepted.